Aria Devi

As a practicing holistic healer for over a decade,  I have had the pleasure of working with people globally. As if by some unseen force they were guided to find me.  It is a belief that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  I hope to grace you with wisdom, understanding, healing, pleasure, and vibrancy not only to your intimate relationships but to all areas of your being.

I have studied and practiced natural, holistic methods, metaphysical healing arts, and Eastern traditions for most of my life.  My natural inclination and sensual personality led me to study Tantra and integrated it into my practice in 1999.

The practice of tantra and various holistic methodologies has blessed me with good health and eternal youth.  I embody  the vibrancy and appearance of a Goddess who never ages but embrace the wisdom and knowledge of a seasoned woman. 

I am an intelligent exotic Asian woman who is passionate, optimistic, sensually vivacious with dangerous curves in all the right places.  I love to laugh so be prepared for a fun session laden with dry wit and quick humor.

As a practicing Tantrika and sensualist, I will take you to new heights and new realms.  As a healer, I will get to the core of your being to release that which does not serve you and instill and integrate new and conducive thought patterns and belief systems.  As a friend I will provide a fun, safe and sensual journey, one that you may not want to return from and will want to return to often.

I am ideal for the upscale individual who appreciates attention to detail, is ready to be taken to new heights and appreciates discretion.  I have studied under countless experts in the realm of healing and the erotic arts and I combine this knowledge with my own innate knowledge to benefit you in all facets of your life.

Sessions are booked from 1pm to 7pm Monday through Saturday.   24 hours minimum notice or longer to schedule a session.  Sessions run from 90 minutes to 3 hours.  Cost varies and will be discussed.

I am available to come to your upscale location.  Select locations in the Southbay (Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo), Orange County (Irvine, Newport Beach), and Los Angeles.  I prefer that you be freeway close (405) or make arrangements for an upscale location in the vicinity.