How True Bliss Tantra Can Help YOU

Are you seeking a more enlightened way of being?
Are you looking to add to your intimate repertoire?
Do you suffer from sexual dysfunction?

Do you crave the healing power of touch?

Did you just go through a breakup?
Do you have intimacy issues (getting close to others emotionally and in intimate situations)?
Are you spiritually bankrupt?
Do you want to laugh more and see the brighter side of life?
Do you suffer from guilt regarding sex from stemming from spiritual beliefs and/or religious/parental/societal                         upbringing?
Do you want to experience a full body orgasm?
Do you want to increase your libido?
Do you want to be more vivacious and vibrant in all areas of your life?
Do you want to lower your inhibitions?
Do you want to live your life to the fullest?
Do you want to recapture that "first time" spark, the anticipation, the flutter or butterflies in your stomach?
Do you want to be more successful in business?
Do you want to feel nurtured?
Do you want to stimulate your creative juices and be inspired?
Are you high strung and need to find balance and relax?
Do you have prostate gland issues?  Prostate massage can help keep the prostate gland healthy.
Do you want to enhance your relationship and spice things up as a couple?

Are you a high powered type A professional (IE:  Lawyer, CEO, Doctor, businessman, etc) and want to surrender           your submissive side in a Dark Tantra session?

Do you want to serve and worship a Goddess Fem/Dom?

There's so much more!!!

If you answered YES to any of the above, then my tantra sessions can help you.

**I was in town in Irvine on business and wanted a tantra session so I called Aria Devi and was so glad she was able to fit me into her schedule.  She made me feel so comfortable immediately and my time with her left me relaxed and energized at the same time.  So worth the time and money!  LW,  NY, NY

**I had 1 session with Aria and already am able to relax and have lucid dreams.  I usually work up to 20 hours a day and this was a new and welcome change.  JL, Newport Coast, CA
**I had trouble maintaining firm erections and after a session with Aria I was able to.  TN, Laguna Beach, CA

**I was already successful in business but felt that something was missing in my life.  Aria helped me feel like I was discovering something new about myself by triggering something that was dormant.  I felt alive for the first time in a long time.  PT, LA, CA

**I wanted to spice things up with my husband so I had Aria join us for his birthday.  It was his first experience with a third person and while he was nervous and shy about it, he enjoyed it thoroughly,  2 hours after the session was over he was still smiling.  I am so glad I chose Aria to introduce him into the polyamorous lifestyle. 
NR, Santa Barbara, CA

**I was disconnected from everything.  I was numb.  I wanted to feel again.  I wanted to feel connected to someone.  Aria knew just what I needed.  Our Chakras energetically connected and I couldn't get close enough.  I felt alive again.  I can see myself becoming addicted to this!
NL, Manhattan Beach, CA

**I was in town on business and came across Aria's site.  I was intrigued and was delightfully enlightened at how quickly she could make me relax and enjoy the session.  I am a lawyer and high strung so this helped me relax and learn a couple of things. 

HL, San Francisco, CA

**I was beaten down due to a nasty breakup and just needed to feel nurtured.  I got that and more.  Aria is caring, compassionate, extremely sexy yet down to earth.  I'm working though my trust issues and hope to be able to find love again.  I will be seeing her on a regular basis.   

PD, Irvine, CA

**A friend suggested I try tantra.  I found Aria and immediately felt comfortable.  I discovered things about myself that I didn't even know I about.  I actually enjoy getting my prostate massaged and found it pleasurable.  She broke down my walls about  a lot of things.  Not only is she knowledgeable, she is very sexy and every bit a Goddess.  FK, Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA

**I was having a hard time being intimate with my boyfriend so I got a tantra session with Aria.  She was so spot on with her assessment.  She saw me being thrown in a dungeon (she said it was probably past life stuff) but in reality, I was kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend and held against my will for 3 days when I was in my 20's.  I was sexually assaulted and abused over and over by him and its affected me so much that I can't open up to being connected and intimate with my present boyfriend.  I have had several sessions in the past year and its slowly helped the situation.  I still have a long way to go but I am in a better place than where I was when I first started.  I will continue my healing process with Aria.  Highly recommend.  KG, LA, CA

What is Tantra?

In a nutshell, tantra is the ancient practice of integrating sexuality with spirituality to enhance all areas of the being.  Life force or kundalini energy is accessed and utilized to promote healing and enhance the being on many levels.  One may become more charismatic and appear to have the "Midas touch, " become less inhibited, become more free spirited, may laugh more and see the world through enlightened eyes.