Sessions and Rituals

Our beings will engage in an ethereal, sensual, erotic dance to awaken all the senses...Come dance with me...
Sessions may include but are not limited to:

Healing past wounds on many levels.

Esoteric and Exoteric Tantra

Sex Coaching
Ejaculatory Mastery
Potency Issues
Intimacy issues
Increase libido
Acquiring techniques to become a better lover.
Tap into the inner magician and hidden potential.
Kundalini awakening
Addressing and healing abandonment issues.
Integrating sexuality with spirituality.
Pleasure enhancement
Integrate Male/Female God/Goddess aspects of the being
Emotional release
Memory & cellular memory reprogramming
Male & Female Sacred Spot (male & female prostate) healing
Chakra Balancing
Spiritual Awakening
Full Body Orgasmic Potential
Becoming more charismatic & obtaining the Midas touch in all areas of life.
Bath ceremony ritual
Amrita awakening for women (ladies, surrender to female ejaculation)
Become multi-orgasmic
Ladies connect with your inner goddess & get your sexy back!
Couples, enhance your connection with tantric touch integration with me!
Couples who want to spice your relationship up (in a gentle and sensual manner without threat to your connection with each other).
Men & Ladies, submit to a tantric guru's touch and feel nurtured.

Tantric Touch Bodywork


Dark Tantra (BDSM, submissives only, I am Dominant)

Goddess Worship

All sessions are facilitated in YOUR upscale location (an upscale hotel room with a tub if you want to include a relaxing bath ritual to your session).

A location between North Orange County,  Irvine, Newport Beach, CA to Manhattan Beach, CA.  If you are outside of this range, please make arrangements accordingly.

Sessions are 90 minutes, or 3 hours depending on your needs and will be discussed upon your initial consultation.  3 hours is suggested if you want to include the bath ceremony ritual.

24 hours minimum is required to schedule a session.  Same day appointments may be available upon my discretion.